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FastEssayService Information

  • What is FastEssayService?

FastEssayService is a service that assists students in all writing matters. What are we doing? We help to write term papers, essays, coursework, theses, research papers, and other papers. We carry out work in a wide range of subjects and academic disciplines. Moreover, we provide students with urgent writing help.

  • How do you work?

Our format of work is remote. We help students from all countries. The only thing you should know is that we write papers only in the English language. You place all orders in your personal account on our website. Our goal is to find the best writers to deal with them.

  • What guarantees do you have?
  1. Safety and confidentiality.
  2. Safe payment systems.
  3. Careful selection of writers for the staff.
  4. Quality control.
  5. 100% money-back guarantee.
  6. Free revisions.
  • Will someone else have the same paper?

No, they definitely won’t. We have an individual approach to each client; different writers write the paper for each client, so there will definitely not be identical papers.

  • How does the support team work?

They work round the clock. Helping students with different problems has become daily routine for them. That’s why they will solve your problem fast and effectively. 

Completing the order

  • How can I find out the cost of an order?

You just need to make an application on the website. After filling out the order form, you will see the amount that you need to pay. 

  • How can I get my finished order?

The writer will upload the finished order to your personal account. You can choose a format that you want your paper to be downloaded. 

  • Can I refuse to work with you even after I fill out an order form?

Sure. Just inform our support manager that you want to cancel the order. You need to do it as fast as possible before we find a writer for your order and he or she starts to work on it.

  • Why is the order evaluated so long?

In order to correctly and competently evaluate the order, we need accurate data: type of paper, deadline, volume, topic, customer’s wishes, etc. The manager evaluates each order individually. Depending on how completely you filled out the order form, the term for evaluating the order is determined.

  • How do you work on the assignment?

You fill out an order form. We assign you a personal writer who executes the writing of the order, communicates with you, and answers your questions. Each stage of work on the order is displayed in your personal account – the status changes. After the author completes the order, he or she attaches the finished paper to your personal account. 

  • Who are your writers?

We only work with experienced writers. When they apply for a job, they need to prove they have an academic degree and pass our tests successfully. 

  • How quickly do you find a writer?

Many writers work with us. We start looking for a writer after you make an advance payment. Our writers have a wide range of specializations, so we find a suitable one quickly.

  • Will you meet the deadline for sure?

Yes, we will because we understand how important it is to you. If an unforeseen circumstance occurs on your part (we need to urgently fulfill an order or urgently make revisions), we will perform your order first. And if one occurs on our part, then we will return some amount of the funds.

  • What services do you have for checking for plagiarism?

We use our own plagiarism detection software. Customers can be sure that we will deliver only unique papers to them. 

  • Can I delete or cancel an order?

Yes, you can. Contact our support team. They will help you to delete your order from the database.

Cost and payment

  • What is the order value?

It depends on what you order. The cost of each paper depends on the volume, deadline, number of pages, and other criteria that your personal requirements include.

  • What are revisions, and are they paid?

Revisions are edits that you can make during the warranty period. You can make edits for free if they meet the initial requirements. If you make changes to the original requirements, then such edits may be paid.

  • How can I make a prepayment?

After you complete the order form, you will have a personal account (if you have not registered before). You can make a prepayment in your personal account. And then all payments and refunds will be made through your personal account.

  • How do I request a return?

You can issue a refund in your personal account. The funds will be returned according to the payment method that you have used while paying for the order.

Personal account

  • I can’t log in to my personal account.

Contact our support team, and your problem will be promptly resolved.

  • Can I delete my account?

Yes. If you do not plan to cooperate with us further, then we will delete your account.

Other questions

  • Will you deliver a unique paper?

Generally speaking, uniqueness is an indicator of the absence of duplicate text on the Internet. That is, you upload text to a special service, and it looks for text matches with sources on the Internet. The more it finds, the less unique the text will be, which means that you downloaded it from the Internet. Teachers do not accept such papers. It is important that you write yourself or with the help of our experts. You will receive only original papers from us.

  • Why should I include detailed requirements?

They are needed in order to clearly follow the instructions for the format and content of the paper. Our experts need it to fulfill your order with the highest quality and in accordance with your requirements. If you don’t have specific instructions, our experts will write your paper in accordance with general standards and norms.